Carajo Colombia
Carajo Colombia Album Art Work by Orion

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After five years of running the streets of Texas, this talented dj/producer is set to release his tropical debut album.

The album, ‘Carajo Colombia’, a cornucopia of sounds, consists of thirteen tracks that are remixes, edits, originals and bsides that focus on the music that Orion was raised on. The album focuses most notably on Cumbia and it is presented in a more club fashion, remixing funk, hip-hop and Baltimore Club music intermittently to produce a high-energy coagulation of musical magic. Orion has always been keen to bring something unique to a traditional sound.

Dj Orion is the founder of Peligrosa and owner of Raw Word Records which has led him to circle the globe. He has toured the US and Europe while performing along side nationally known acts such as MSTRKRFT, Rebirth Brass Band, Klever, Bajofondo, Does It Offend You, Yeah?!, Pigeon John, Toy Selecta, Yarah Bravo, Mixhell, Steedlord, Dan Deacon, 2 Live Crew, Ozomatli, Zizek and was a member of the ever popular Yo Majesty taking the stage at Coachella in 2008. Despite holding down three weeklies in Austin, Orion finds time to produce records for artists he truly believes in, designs and illustrates and promotes unique music and art events. Other notable accomplishments are performing at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest and named as best dj in Austin by the Austin Chronicle.

His musical influences start in Colombia where his father was born and Puerto Rico, the birthplace of his mother, and meet somewhere between Germany where he grew up and Texas where he lives today. ‘Carajo Colombia’ is an elaborate metaphor of his upbringing.

This album debuts at Santos Party House in New York City (FLYER) as Dj Orion performs with Uproot Andy (Que Bajo, Bersa Discos, ZZK) February 25th. It will be featured at one of many Peligrosa performances during SXSW 2010 and a tour featuring Peligrosa All Stars is in the works for the Summer of 2010.

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